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The best way to dredge shower drain

Le 10 juillet 2017, 05:47 dans Humeurs 0

Have you ever think the water has discharged very slowly when you take shower? The shower drain could be easily choked and many people are troubled by this problem. Here It'll introduce simple ways of dredging the shower drain.

shower drain
1. Using wired hanger to dredge the shower drain
Pulling the hanger straight and make sure that there's a small hook in the end of the hanger, so that it can pull out the stuff which been choked in the shower drain. After pulling about the residue, we will find that most of them are hair or dust. And once the residue been pulled out, the water can be discharged quickly.
2. Using soda or vinegar to dredge the shower drain

shower drain
Trying to pour some soda beside the shower drain and after a few minutes, pouring the vinegar on it. The soda and vinegar will generate a chemical reaction when they are mixed. The foam will which can dredge the dust or dirt can be generated, and the blocked shower drain will be dredged immediately. This is a very efficient way to unchoke the shower drain.
3. Using plunger to unchoke the shower drain
Plunger can effectively clear the residue in the shower drain, which includes dust and debris.
These ways can all efficiently clean the shower drain, if yours is choked, just try the way mentioned above.

Hardware in your bathroom

Le 3 juillet 2017, 03:44 dans Humeurs 0

It is easy for us to change the out-dated cabinet, towel bars and brackets. When you want to change the old hardware, youd better choose the suitable size and then change them. There are all kinds of choices, so you should think about it carefully and choose the most suitable hardware. The best collaboration is that even the faucet and shower can match with each other well.